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Main Category 1000/4100 g x 0.01/0.1 g / AutoCal™
Product Description

Part Number: 332-0412
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The Voyager® Pro Balance simplifies the most complex laboratory measurements, whether it's determining the difference between initial and residual weights or calculating the density of solids and liquids. Special features: AutoCal™, Ergonomic leveling system, RS232 Port. Capacity: 1000 g / 4100 g, Readability: 0.01 g / 0.1 g, Application Modes: Statistics, Formulation, Differential Weighing, SQC, Density Determination, Pipette Calibration, Parts Counting, Animal, Check and Percent Weighing, Filling, Gross-Net-Tare Weighing (Manufacturer Part No. VP4102DCN)

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