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Main Category 1200 ft³ / 5.0 (l/m) / 1/4"
Product Description

Part Number: 170-0250
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•Applications: Gas chromatography, glove boxes and anaerobic experiments •O2 Removal @ incoming oxygen concentration of 15 ppm or less = To <5 ppb •Low resistance to gas flow •Max. Opr. Pressure = 125 psi •Max. Temp. = 100°C •Max. Flow Rate = 5.0 (liters/minute) •Capacity = 1200 cubic ft. •"In-line" Configuration •1/4" nickel-plated brass male tube compression fittings •.03 psi (cc/second) •Delivers: 100 cc/sec. @ 0.3 psi •Finish: Gold anodized •Dimensions: 10" x 1 1/4" (Length x Diameter) (Manufacturer Part No. DGP-250-R2)

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