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Main Category 400 cc / 5.0 (l/m) / 1/8"
Product Description

Part Number: 162-0400
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•Contains indicating Drierite® desiccant •#13X molecular sieve •Acrylic transparent canister •Color will change from blue to pink with the absorption of moisture •Easy to refill by removing the exhausted filler mixture and replacing it with the Refill Kit •"In-Line" model •Fittings = 1/8" •Capacity = 400 cc •Max. Opr. Pressure = 125 psi •Max. Opr. Temperature = 100°F •Max. Flow Rate = 5.0 (liters/minute) •Approximate Dimensions = 14" x 2" (Length x Diameter) (Manufacturer Part No. RGF-125-400)

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