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Main Category 10 µl/ R/ 0.47(26)/ 50 mm/ Bevel
Product Description

Part Number: 600-2050
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10 µl MicroVolume Syringe, Removable Needle, Bevel Tip, Length 50 mm, Gauge 26, Outer Dia. 0.47 mm, Standard Stainless Steel Plunger with Plunger Protection - extended protection tube from top of flange, Borosilicate Glass Barrel, Precision: <±1% of the volume, Syringe Code: 10R (SGE Part No. 002050 & Replacement for Hamilton Part No. 80330) *Multipacks available - please refer to part no. 600-2080, Replacement SGE Needle Part No. 603-7110

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