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Main Category Syringe Filters - Nitrocellulose Mixed Esters (MCE)
Product Description

·         Nitrocellulose filters are ideal for general laboratory filtration, particle monitoring and in diagnostic Medical Assays: HCG, HIV, LH, Chlamydia, Drugs of Abuse, and Pathogenic Microorganisms Environmental Contaminants.

Part # Diameter / Pore Size / Material
145-0021 13mm / 0.20µm / MCE (Nitrocellulose)
145-0022 13mm / 0.45µm / MCE (Nitrocellulose)
145-0026 25mm / 0.20µm / MCE (Nitrocellulose)
145-0027 25mm / 0.45µm / MCE (Nitrocellulose)