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Main Category Ohaus: Adventurer™ - Basic Level, Precision
Product Description
Adventurer Precision Top Loading balances offer a full range of capacities and functions to meet your most demanding requirements. These balances are ideal for general laboratory, industrial and educational applications requiring multiple weighing modes. •Capacity: 150 g to 4100 g •Readability: 0.001 g to 0.1 g
Part # Capacity (g) x Readability (g)
320-0150 150 g x 0.001 g
320-0310 310 g x 0.001 g
320-0510 510 g x 0.01 g
320-1500 1500 g x 0.01 g
320-3100 3100 g x 0.01 g
320-4100 4100 g x 0.1 g