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Main Category Ohaus: Voyager® Pro - Advanced Level, Analytical
Product Description
The Voyager® Pro Series features 4 analytical models. The draftshield design and contoured fit provide optimum draft protection from wind currents for superior balance stability and reproducibility in challenging environments such as high traffic areas. Voyager® Pro is perfect for university research, teaching laboratories and general lab applications. •Capacity: 62 g to 210 g •Readability: 0.1 mg
Part # Capacity (g) x Readability (mg) / Calibration
310-0621 62 g x 0.1 mg / AutoCal™
310-1101 110 g x 0.1 mg / Autocal™
310-2101 210 g x 0.1 mg / Autocal™
310-2102 210/100 g x 1/0.1 mg / Autocal™