GC/HPLC Syringes
Product Description

ILS and SGE Syringe Types include: •Microsyringe / Pipette, 10 µl Gel Multiloading Syringes, Gas Sealing Gland Syringes - Fixed & Removable Needles, High Pressure Syringes, Jumbo Syringes, Headspace/Soil Gas Syringes •On-Column Syringes •Fixed and Removable Needles, Luer Tip & Luer Lock •Cavro, Grabner, Hamilton and Various Instruments •Agilent Technologies (HP), Perkin Elmer Autosystem™, Clarus and Thermo Finnigan •Agilent Technologies, CTC, Hitachi, Kontron, Perkin Elmer, Spark Holland, Thermo Finnigan and Waters WISP® •Beckman / Altex, Rheodyne, SSI, Valco Valves, Waters U6K Valves and LC Pump Priming Syringes •Series "N": Fixed Needles and Removable Needles •Series "SN" and "SH": With Extended Handle •Series "T": Zero Dead Volume Syringes •Series "H": Fixed Needles, Removable Needles and TLT PTFE-Luer-Tip •Chemically Resistant Heavy Duty Syringes: AD, DAD, DX, C, CX, TLL, TLL-X, RQ, XL, XE, XP

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